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How to set up SSL certification (Https)?

Last updated on June 21, 2023

To set up a SSL certification we have prepared a few guides: 
Recommended: PDF Guide  
Video guide: Comming soon
Or continue reading below. 

The easiest and recommended way is to use Cloudflare service. 
Please register at: after registering and signing in, you should see the "Add a site" button, click on it. 

1.  Enter your domain and click the "Add site" button.

2. Choose a free plan and click the "Continue" button. 

3. After scanning time, you should see a similar image, click continue. 

4. Now you should see a page informing you to change your "Name Servers", similar to this: 

5. At this step you need to access your domain manager and change the name servers. 
In this example, we are using NameCheap, click on domain list, then manage, and scroll till you find the nameservers option and choose custom DNS. 

6. Ener the name servers that were provided by Cloudflare and click the check mark or save button.

7. Go back to the Cloudflare page and click the "Done check nameservers" button. 

8. On the next page click the "Finish later" link. 

9. Now you should see the "Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site"  notification on your Cloudflare dashboard (Depending on the domain provider it could take up to 48 hours). 

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